Fire and EMS billing since 2009

Our Billing services

For EMS & Fire departments

Looking to simplify the complex???  Let us take care of your insurance and fire billing while you focus on what you do best.  Brad will take the time to walk you through how the call goes from dispatch to billing and the completion of the revenue cycle. We'll help you close  gaps that may be leaving money on the table. 

For Patients

We are a third party billing company hired by municipalities to manage the  billing and payment for Emergency Medical Services (EMS).  

 Medicare, Medicaid, private medical, auto, home-owners and workman's compensation and private payments are accepted.  

Municipalities do not have individual contracts with any insurance other than Medicare and Medicaid. 

Our History

3 Rivers Billing—3RB for short— specializes in billing for municipal ambulance services. Officially the company began in 2009. Our roots go deeper than that. Growing up my family did similar work and hired many of the staff that continue with our company today. 

Kind Regards,

Christine Sulik, President